What is rockbox?

Rockbox is freeware software (developed under GNU GPL licence), which is used as a replacement of original firmware supplyed by the producer in some mp3 players.

The main advantage for blind users is the fact, that Rockbox can speak information, which are presented on screen. It means, that it reads items in menus, spells names of files, and can present almost information on screen (error messages, tasks in progress such as copying files) by speech.

In addition there is a comprendious menu structure, Rockbox allows you to create and manage bookmarks in audio files and much more (fully comfigurable equalizer, compressor, possibility to adjust tempo and pitch playback settings independently, possibility to use more comfiguration files and quick load of these comfigurations,...).

Compiled version available on this site contains a "voice" file for Slovak and English language (so player will talk to you when you choose one of these languages). It contains also a plugin, which allows you to read a text files with Espeak speech synthesis. This plugin is not a part of the official version of Rockbox, it's source code is downloadable from this site.

If you want to use my build, simply extract it in the root directory of your clip plus player. rb-cp.zip which is in a download section contains all necessary files to use espeak plugin. The config file which is also in the download section only switches default language of the player to slovak so if you want to use the rockbox in english, then simply ignore that config file. The voice files which are included in my build are quite fast. You can use rbutil to generate your own voice file if you want.